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ORBICOR Technologies addresses the world’s largest medical challenge, the management and prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).

Our UnnoMed Technology is an IoMT Platform for connected cardiovascular health

About Us

Orbicor Technologies is a Digital Health company focused on the reduction of critical cardiovascular events and mortality through the use of innovative IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) medical devices. Our platform provides differentiated clinical data that is complementary to what is already available to cardiovascular patients, ensuring ongoing control and optimizing the treatment of their condition.

Since cardiovascular disease develops over time, as does the success of treatment, biometric indicators must be measured on an ongoing basis. Orbicor’s approach, to the management of cardiovascular disease, is to universalize access to clinical level data by developing technology that allows patients to measure critical data at home, store it online and share it with their physicians remotely.

On a yearly basis, millions face preventable deaths. These will be reduced through the use of innovative IoMT medical devices able to detect the early stages and evolution of cardiovascular disease.

The UnnoMed platform and HeartSaver products will provide ongoing measurement of the well-being of people’s cardiovascular system. Information will be shared with the patients’ physicians, highlighting developing issues and optimizing treatment. ORBICOR Technologies will not only prevent the unacceptable loss of human life, but also the excessive economic impact of CVD.

All ORBICOR Technologies products will be compliant with the following standards: ISO 13485, UL 60601-1, ISO 14971, HIPAA and all other FDA and FCC related requirements.

What We Do

We are a digital health startup, focused on the creation of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) systems and devices. We provide a proactive ongoing monitoring and data for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Our reason Why
Human and Economic Impact

At ORBICOR, we take on the challenge of tackling preventable deaths due to Cardiovascular diseases through innovative technologies while impacting economic costs.
UnnoMed and HeartSaver’s unique cardiovascular technology will save countless lives by optimizing physician/patient communication and treatment!

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally. An estimated 17.9 million people died from CVDs in 2019, representing 32% of all global deaths.

Prevalent cases of total CVD nearly doubled from 271 million in 1990 to 523 million in 2019.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

By 2030 the total global cost of CVD is set to rise from approximately US$863 billion in US$1,044 2010 to a staggering billion.
WEF/Harvard School of Public Health -The Global Economic Burden of Noncommunicable Diseases.

75% of vascular events can be prevented


UnnoMed is Orbicor’s IoMT platform, consisting of modular, wireless connected devices that provide multi-point synchronous measurement of cardiovascular indicators. The modular approach to sensor and data management allows the company to reduce product development costs and time, while maximizing functionality. UnnoMed consists of the following:

The Platform:

UnnoMed Cloud: Is a medical grade cloud based analytics and storage platform compliant with all required patient and medical data security requirements. It also ensures maximum compatibility with healthcare providers and clinicians, allowing medical data to be used for telemedicine or the asynchronous management of medical conditions.

UnnoMed Apps: Gamified Android and iOS applications that manage the patients’ biometric data sampling protocols as indicated by the physician. These applications also provide process specific instructions to the sensing hardware (UNNO Blocks) and guide the patient throughout the process. Once data is gathered, basic reports are provided on the control panel and clinical data is uploaded in the background.

The UNNO Blocks and HeartSaver use custom ultrasound technology to measure the Aortic Pulse wave of the patient at multiple points using the Doppler shift (Patent Pending: US Serial No.: 17/167,883 & PCT/US2118864)


Medical grade connected care platform

An array of three proprietary sensors that provide "in home" reading of critical cardiovascular indicators by using Doppler ultrasound.

Cardiovascular information is displayed in the "UNNOMED Application" and any red flags will be highlighted.

Variations in time will be analyzed as they develop.

Customers can "share their results" with their prescribing physician through the UNNOMED platform and link them to the Telemedicine provider or Google Fit and apple HealthKit.

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The first product of our UnnoMed platform is the HeartSaver, a device that facilitates the ongoing measurement of arterial elasticity and other critical biometric data. UnnoMed technology will save millions of lives, by allowing physicians to quickly respond to changes in patients' critical cardiovascular indicators. It also reduces the cost and complexity of the medical equipment.

UNNO Blocks

Self-contained micro-computers designed to power and drive a variety of sensors and collect data. All UNNO blocks have the capability of connecting with the UnnoMed App as well as each other using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This interconnectivity enables the multipoint, simultaneous collection of data and the creation of comparative indexes of clinical data. This capability has, in the past, been restricted to very expensive devices created for clinicians.


Utilizes three custom designed ultrasound bands to measure the Aortic pulse wave, which is one of the best biometric indicators to measure cardiovascular health, as it not only provides cardiac information but also measures the health of the vascular system. By gathering this data at the wrist and ankles, the system is capable of creating indexes and measuring changes over time. Additionally, oximetry and temperature are also tracked, which allows for the remote management of conditions that impact the cardiovascular system (e.g. – COVID-19).

HeartSaver Pro

Is designed for physicians. It has all the capabilities of the HeartSaver plus a wireless vascular pen, which allows the doctor to sample and document vascular data in multiple points.

Our Team

The UnnoMed team benefits from a wealth of experience and a track record of working together on successful projects. Dr. Bouzid is the Medical Director of CIMA, the largest private Hospital in Costa Rica, and one of the most respected Cardiologists in Costa Rica. She brings her years of clinical experience and innovative ideas on patient care to the team. Mr. Corrales and Mr. Rivera are senior global executives with experience in multiple areas of management and operations including the development and commercialization of several medical devices. Both Mr. Alvarado and Ms. Loaiciga were part of Mr. Corrales’ core team during the development of the Divina 3D scanner ( for the scanning of the human torso and soft tissue predictive modeling. Mr. Corrales and Ms. Loáiciga also worked together on the creation and launch of several medical devices.

Rafael G. Corrales

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

  • Global Executive in multiple roles - Intel® Corp
  • Vice President of Business Integration - Establishment Labs
  • Founder and CFO - TurboTab
  • Inventor on 2 Medical Device Patents - PCT/US2019/038536 & App: 16/091,248

Education: Master in International Business - Seatle University

Dr. Yamilah Bouzid MD

Founder - Chief Medical Officer

  • Cardiology and Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Director of Medicine Department - Hospital CIMA
  • Cardiology Assistant- Hospital CIMA
  • Co - Founder Medicentro LaSabana
  • Director of the First Telemedicine Program for Sistemas Analíticos Costa Rica
  • Member of the British Society of Cardiology
  • Member of the European Society of Cardiology
  • Member of the Spanish Society of Cardiology
  • Member of the Costa Rican Cardiology Association
  • International and National Speaker. Annual assistant for the American Cardiology Association, American Cardiology College and European Cardiology Society

Education: Cardiology Specialist Honor Graduation University of Costa Rica. Internal Medicine Specialist University of Costa Rica. Surgery and Medicine Academical Doctor University of Costa Rica

Federico Rivera

VP Operations - Costa Rica Medical Device Cluster President

  • Plant Director for Microvention Costa Rica
  • Engineering Director for Boston Scientific and Edwards Lifesciences in Costa Rica
  • Inventor of Hemostasis Reloadable Clipping Device Medical
  • Device Patent BSSI 16-0017604US01 - 10121/29402
  • Startup and construction leader for more than 12 medical devices and semiconductor plants world wide

Education: Electronic Engineer - Universidad de Costa Rica MBA - Universidad Francisco de Vitoria - Spain

Heiner Alvarado

Lead Engineer

  • Health Technology Professor - Universidad de Costa Rica
  • Hardware Development Eng. - Establishment Labs
  • Structural Design Eng - Intel® Corp
  • Electronic Engineer - Xeltron

Education: Master in Electronic Engineering - Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Laura Loáiciga

Product & Graphic Designer

  • Founder and Designer - LL Designs
  • Design Coordinator - Establishment Labs
  • Design & Marketing Consultant - Hotel Villa Los Candiles
  • Design Engineer - Suttle

Education: BFA in Industrial Design - Savannah College of Art and Design
MBA in Design Strategy - California College of the Arts

Carla Castro

Communications Manager

  • Regional Marketing & Communications Director - INCAE Business School.
  • Entrepreneurship and business coach. Women leadership mentor.
  • Founder and Director Tinta Digital: Regional health & medical specialized media publications.
  • Editor in chief for College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica magazine.

Education: Global MBA - INCAE Business School Journalism – Universidad Latina de Costa Rica


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